Terms of sale

  • Sales Price
    The selling price will be the displayed amount (displayed price/consumption tax included).
    Required fees other than the product price
    • ・Consumption tax (10%)
    • ・Shipping (For details, please check the product detail page.)
    • ・If you choose bank transfer as your payment method, you will be responsible for the bank transfer fee when you make the transfer.
    Expiration date of application
    If we are unable to confirm payment within 7 days of your order, your order will be cancelled.
  • Time and method of payment of price (consideration)
    The following payment methods are available.
    For more details, please refer to the product details page.
    • cash on delivery
      Please make the payment to the delivery person when you receive the product.

      If you refuse to receive the item(s) shipped by cash on delivery, the item(s) will be returned to us.
      In this case, the return shipping cost by normal freight (cash on delivery) will be charged for the number of items, and we will incur a loss of packaging materials, time spent on return procedures, etc., in addition to the return shipping cost.
      Therefore, if a product is returned to us due to reasons such as declining (refusing) to accept cash on delivery without a valid reason or expiration of the storage period, we will charge the customer for round-trip shipping, cash on delivery fee, packaging material fee, and return shipping fee, and we may refuse future orders from the customer. In addition, we may refuse future orders.

      In addition, we may refuse your order in the future. We will also charge you for the actual cost of shipping, even if the item is marked as free shipping.

      We will charge you for the actual cost of shipping.

      Please make sure to check the street address and room number before registering your address when placing an order.

      If the item is returned, it will be automatically cancelled.
    • Credit Card
      Credit cards are accepted.
      After you place an order, we will ship the products within the due date for each product.
    • Amazon Pay
      Amazon Pay is available.
      After you place an order, we will ship the products within the due date for each product.
    • Paypal
      Paypal payment is available.
      After you place an order, we will ship the products within the due date for each product.
    Overseas shipping can be arranged - feel free to check freight details before placing the order.
    Emails us on info@nap-dog.com
  • About shipping
     Hokkaido/Okinawa ¥16,499 or less ¥1,320
     Hokkaido/Okinawa ¥16,500 or more Free shipping
     Other areas: ¥10,999 or less ¥880
     ¥11,000 or more Free shipping
     ※Revised in April 2022
     Amounts are determined based on shipping area, product weight, and package size.
     Shipping charges may vary depending on regional conditions.
     Shipping charges are calculated at checkout.
     ※Revised September 2022
  • Special provisions for returns
    Product returns will be accepted only in the following cases.
    Please contact us by email or phone within 5 days of receiving the product.
    After confirmation, we will inform you of the return procedure.
    (Please note that we do not accept returns received after 5 days of delivery.)
    • ・Defective items or items that are dirty or damaged.
    • ・If there is a discrepancy between the product you ordered and the product you received.
    In this case, return shipping costs will be borne by us.
    We do not accept returns or exchanges for reasons other than the above.
    Please be aware of this in advance and order after careful consideration.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Please be sure to read and understand our ATTENTION before purchasing.
    • Example of return for customer's convenience
    • Reasons based on personal feelings and emotions, such as usability and differences from the image
    • Reasons for the difference in color between the display and the actual product
    • Products that have been used
    • Products that have been scratched or damaged by the customer
    • Products that have been processed or reformed by the customer
    • Products that have lost the product label at the time of delivery
    • Nervous products that exceed the scope of common sense.
    • Items that are more than 6 days old after arrival.
    • ・Reasons for scratches or color differences that correspond to the contents of the ATTENTION statement.
    Please understand that it is at our discretion whether or not this applies to you.
  • Time of delivery of services or goods
    We usually ship within one week of receiving your delivery request.
    However, there may be a delay if the item is not in stock or during busy periods.
    The method of delivery shall be delivery processing (major shipping companies).
  • その他
    Store Name : NAP VILLAGE
    Name :NAP Inc.
    Address: 2395-5, Ueda-higashi, Yoshitaka-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama, 709-2411
    Phone number : 0867-34-1117
    FAX number: 0867-34-1118
  • Name and contact information of the business
    Company name: nap, Inc.
    Contact person: Makoto Kawai
    Address: 2395-5 Ueda-higashi, Yoshitaka-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama, 7092411