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The road goes on, wherever it goes
I've worked as an auto mechanic (mainly painting), and
went to the U.S. to buy used clothes, do leather craft, and sell pet supplies.
Now that I think about it, I feel like they are all connected, not separate.
Now I have my own brand and live in the mountains. Of course, this is just a continuation.
Put a lot of your past experience into it.
All the experience I've gained, I've melted and mixed and
I want to create products that will make customers feel "mmmm".
And I don't know where I'm going to go from here.
"I'm looking forward to reading more.
Makoto Kawai
Born in 1972
As a child, I drilled holes in metal with a drilling machine in my grandfather's town factory. The smell of burning iron and oil made me feel like an adult. I found myself working as an auto mechanic. In the mid 90's, he went to the U.S. to buy used clothes and met a leather craftsman, which led him to his current job. 2007 SS season, he started THE SUPERIOR LABOR. His experience in auto repair has greatly influenced TSL's manufacturing and attitude.
nap village
34°53'02.6"N 133°50'35.6"E


Former Enjo Elementary School Kamoyama Branch to nap village
Right in the middle of Okayama Prefecture, here is Kibichuo-cho, Kaga-gun.
I moved here from the city in February 2012.
I remember that we were moving in the snow.
napvillage is the remains of a mountain branch school that was established in May 1947, just after the end of the war.
The school building we're working in was built in August 1949.
This was followed by the construction of a playground in March 1952, which finally gave the school a school-like appearance.
The small playground is still surrounded by old cherry trees and maple trees, showing us the four seasons as they were back then. Forty-four years have passed since the school was founded in the confusion of the post-war period in a shack made of logs tied with ropes and roofed with thatch and branches. In April 1991, the mountain branch school, where more than 170 students had left, completed its role in the pioneer village.
Time flies, and in February 2012, we moved out of our workshop in Okayama City and our sewing factory in Kurashiki City and moved here. We kept the wooden one-story school building as much as possible in its original form. We dotted the site with stores, factories, and residences to make it look like a small village. This was the beginning of "napvillage".

携帯電話各社繋がらず、冬は長くて寒い、そんなはじまりだったが、冬が寒いほど春の暖かさを強く感じ、夏を愛おしみ目一杯楽しむ。色々不便はあるが、四季にはそれぞれの仕事がある。平たくならした町の生活よりメリハリがあって気に入っている。 そして、ここに来て正解だったと強く思っている。
Cell phone signal is still weak.

In 2013, it won the Good Design Award as a complex facility for making, selling, and living.

The Kamoyama branch of the former Enjo Elementary School, built in 1949.
山の分校からnap village

Company Store

The on-site store, TSL STORE & LAB, sells a variety of standard and new products as well as limited edition items that can only be purchased here, and offers hands-on manufacturing and custom-made orders.
  • 710-00552395-5 Hachigahana, Ueda Higashi, Kibichuo-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama Prefecture
  • Tel086-454-5777
  • OPENWEEK DAY 13:00-17:00 WEEK END 11:00-16:00
  • CLOSEMon, Tue
  • Mailservice@nap-dog.com
company store


Former Enjo Elementary School Kamoyama Branch to nap village


around nap village

  • Yoshida Farm
    Yoshida Farm's cheese-making process, which starts with raising cows, is unique to this region. The taste of the cheese changes with the seasons, and I strongly feel that I am eating the blessings of the four seasons and the land of Japan.
  • Hongu Mountain
    Near napvillage, there is a place called "Yama no Kami Pass". Three shrines are enshrined at the top of Mt. Hongu: Yamajingu, a shrine that used to be here, Kaijinja, a shrine for the sea, and Ryuouja, a shrine for the dragon. Yamajingu is also closely related to the Kaikijinsha shrine, so the mountain has a special meaning to the local people.
  • Kagyu Shrine
    The shrine was built during the Yoro era (717 - 723) and is the local shrine of the area where napvillage is located. Surrounded by a cedar forest, the shrine has an air of being aware of the existence of the mountain god. I go here on my first visit to the shrine.



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