Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the nap, Inc. site ( )(hereinafter referred to as "this site"). (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") in the course of its various services (such as the provision of information through the Site and the acceptance of various inquiries). (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") when handling the personal information of visitors to the Site (hereinafter referred to as "Visitors") or other similar information.

  • 1Basic Policy
    This site recognizes the importance of personal information and considers the protection of personal information to be a social responsibility, and complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information, and appropriately obtains, uses, and manages personal information handled by this site. The information collected on this site will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.
  • 2Scope of application
    This Privacy Policy applies only to this website.
  • 3Acquisition of personal information and purpose of use
    The personal information of visitors obtained by this website, the purpose of use, and the period of storage are as follows.
    3-1.We collect personal information when you send us data
    This site collects the following personal information when visitors fill out comment forms and other forms on this site.
    • The name displayed on the form(HN)
    • The email address displayed on the form
    • Comment content displayed on the form
    • Browser user agent string
    3-1-1.Purpose of use
    Except as otherwise provided by law, we will use personal information only to the extent necessary to send you information about new products and services, and sales operations such as shipping and after-sales service.
    3-1-2.Storage period
    Any personal information submitted to our site will have its metadata stored indefinitely.
    3-2.Obtain the personal information you have inquired about
    This site has a contact form (post the URL of the contact form on your site). We collect the following personal information that is entered when a visitor makes an inquiry through that contact form.
    • The name you entered in the contact form(HN)
    • The email address you entered in the inquiry form
    • Details of the inquiry entered in the inquiry form
    3-2-1.Purpose of use
    This is for responding to inquiries and for managing visitors. By storing the information of visitors' inquiries, we can respond to them based on the past inquiries when the same visitor makes another inquiry, and we can respond more accurately. In addition, we may introduce your inquiry as "We have received such an inquiry" on our website.
    3-2-2.Storage period
    Personal information entered in the contact form will be stored indefinitely.
    3-2-3.Consent to the Acquisition of Personal Information
    In addition to the above, we also offer a wide range of other services, such as the following By submitting an inquiry, the visitor agrees to be bound by this Privacy Policy.
    3-3.Acquisition of personal information through cookies
    This site may send cookies to the visitor's computer. cookies are a mechanism to store in the visitor's computer as a file the usage history and input contents sent and received between the browser and the server when the visitor uses the website.
    3-3-1.Purpose of use
    The purpose of this is to enhance the convenience of our visitors when browsing our site.
    For example, when you access the same page next time, the page operator can use the information in the cookie to change the display for each visitor.
    For example, if you are using a certain website, have you ever experienced that the first time you visit the website, you are prompted to enter your login password, but the second and subsequent times you visit the website, you are able to access the website without being prompted to enter your login password? The first time, you will be prompted to enter your login password.
    If the visitor's browser settings allow cookies to be sent and received, the website can retrieve the cookie key from the visitor's browser.
    In order to protect your privacy, your browser will only send cookies that are sent and received by the website's server.
    3-3-2.Storage period
    Cookies for comments left on our site will be stored for one year.
    3-3-3.Acquisition of Cookie Information by Third Parties
    This website may contain advertisements distributed by third parties, including Google Inc. and Yahoo Japan Corporation, and in connection with this, the third parties may acquire and use the cookie information, etc. of visitors. Cookie information, etc. acquired by such third parties will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of such third parties.
    3-3-4.Stopping the Use of Cookies and Other Information to Distribute Advertisements to Third Parties
    Our visitors can stop the use of cookie information, etc. by the third party for the distribution of advertisements by accessing the opt-out (to stop the provision of personal information to the third party) page on the third party's website.
    3-3-5.Allowing or denying the sending and receiving of cookie information
    Visitors can select the settings for sending and receiving cookies, such as "Allow all cookies," "Reject all cookies," or "Notify users when cookies are received. Please refer to the "Help" menu of the browser you are using to learn how to set your cookie settings. Please note that if you select the setting to reject all cookies, you may not be able to receive services that require authentication, or you may be restricted from using various services on the Internet.
  • 4Management of personal information
    This website will thoroughly manage the information provided by visitors in the following manner.
    4-1. Ensuring the accuracy of information
    We will make every effort to ensure that the information provided by visitors is always accurate and up-to-date.
    4-2. Security management measures
    This site protects personal information by implementing appropriate security measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.
    4-3. Disposal of personal information
    When personal information is no longer needed, we will promptly dispose of it.
    4-4. Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, and suspension of use of personal information
    When a visitor requests disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or cessation of use of his/her personal information, we will promptly respond to the request after confirming the visitor's identity.
    If you wish to make any of the above requests, please contact us at the email address below.
  • 5Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    This site will not provide any personal information provided by visitors to this site to any third party without the consent of the visitor. If we decide to provide personal information to a third party in the future, we will present the information to be provided and the purpose for which it will be provided, and will only do so after obtaining the visitor's consent.
  • 6Personal Information of Minors
    Whenever a minor makes a comment on this site or makes an inquiry using the inquiry form, the minor must obtain the consent of a person with parental authority, and the minor is deemed to have parental authority's consent to this privacy policy at the time the comment or inquiry is made.
  • 7For inquiries, please contact
    If you have any questions about this site or the handling of personal information, please contact us at the e-mail address below.
    This site is operated by: OTIS Corporation
    Email address:
  • 8About access analysis tools
    This site uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool by Google.
    This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect access information.
    This information is collected anonymously and does not identify the individual.
    Google Analytics cookies are retained for 26 months. This feature can be disabled by disabling cookies, so please check your browser's settings.
    If you would like to review the Terms of Service for Google Analytics, please click here. If you would like to learn more about Google's use of your data when you use a Google Partner site or app, please click here.
  • 9Changes to the Privacy Policy
    In addition to complying with the Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information, this website will review and improve this privacy policy as necessary. The revised and updated privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.
  • Planned on April 01, 2021