utility holder M

utility holder M utility holder M utility holder M utility holder M utility holder M utility holder M utility holder M



T.S.L CUB utility holder M.

This storage holder is made of paraffin-coated cotton fabric.

The top opening is wired and can be freely shaped to suit your needs.

It can also be used as a storage holder for small tools at a camp site.

The brass hooks allow you to hang it on the wall, so you can put it around your desk, or use it as a pot for wine bottles or plants for appreciation.

It is a versatile storage item.

The paraffin finish is a wax coating on the fabric to make it water repellent.

When you first use it, there will be a distinctive paraffin smell.

The smell will fade as you use it.

It has a slight water-repellent effect, so please be aware that it is difficult for water to pass through when washing.

Paraffin finish will leave white marks on the fabric due to rubbing, creasing, stains, and scratches.

We hope you will enjoy this process as much as we enjoy the fading of denim.

The name tag will be changed to the one in the last photo.




Φ19cm × H22cm




TSL products are made of solid brass.
The characteristic of brass material is that it has areas of dull color.
With use, it will become even duller.
Please enjoy it as a taste of aging.
If you want to make it shiny and bright, polish it with a silver cloth. Please try it on an inconspicuous spot.
Please be careful of stains and color transfer when wet.
The color of the actual product may differ from the color on the display depending on the device you are using.
【国内】¥11,000以上の購入で送料無料 ※北海道・沖縄など 一部地域を除く