CUB sacoche L

CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L CUB sacoche L



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T.S.L CUB sacoche L (Large)

This sacoche is made of paraffin processed cotton fabric.

It is an easy to use sacoche that can hold a long wallet, care products, drink bottles, Ipad mini, etc. and is useful for festivals and daily use.

The shoulder belt is made of military cord and is adjustable in length.

The Velcro closure makes it easy to open and close.

There is a brass ring on the inside of the cord, so you can attach your keys or anything you don't want to lose.

The logo design on the tag will gradually change to the design in the last photo.

Paraffin processing is a process of waxing the fabric to make it water repellent.

When you first start using the product, there will be a distinctive paraffin smell, so please be aware of this.

The smell will fade as you use it.

It has a slight water-repellent effect, so please be careful when washing, as it is difficult for water to pass through.

Paraffin finish will leave white marks on the fabric due to rubbing, creasing, stains, and scratches.

We hope you will enjoy this process as much as we enjoy fading denim.


The leather used in this product is natural leather.

We do not use scratches that can lead to rips and tears, but we do use scratches and wrinkles in our products as a characteristic of the material.

In addition, there are individual differences in the color, thickness, and texture of the same leather.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please be careful of stains and color transfer when wet.

The color of the actual product may differ from the color on the display depending on the device you are using.


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L30cm × H21cm × W6cm






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