In the event that the ordered product is different from the image, the size does not fit, or the order was placed incorrectly, or for any other reason due to the convenience of the customer, we will not be liable for any damages.
If the product meets our returnable conditions, we will accept it as a "return".
In such cases, please note that all shipping and handling charges for returning the product will be borne by the customer. * We do not accept exchanges for other products if the reason is due to the convenience of the customer, such as "it's not what I imagined," "the size doesn't fit," or "I placed the wrong order.

Possible conditions for return products

All of the following must be true.

  • ・Items that have been returned to us within "7 days" of receipt.
  • ・Products that can be judged as "unused" according to our standards.
  • ・Products that have all the accessories, warranty cards, product tags, boxes, etc. that were delivered.
  • ・Products returned within "10 days" of arrival
  • ・Products that are not marked "non-returnable" on the product page
We are unable to accept returns in the following cases.
  • ・Products that have been delivered for more than "8 days".
  • ・Sale items, outlet items, socks and other hygienic products that come into contact with the skin, and other items that are clearly marked as "non-returnable" on the product page.
  • ・Products with accessories, demerit tags, or sales product tags missing or missing from the product
  • ・Products that have been used, repaired, washed, or cleaned.
  • ・Products that have been smelled, stained, or scratched by the customer, or products whose packaging (bags, boxes, etc.) has been lost or damaged.
  • ・Products that have lost their product tags, attention cards, etc.
  • ・Products purchased from other stores or other e-commerce sites



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