folding low chair

folding low chair folding low chair folding low chair folding low chair folding low chair folding low chair folding low chair



This is a folding low chair by T.S.L CUB.

The chair is made of paraffin-coated cotton fabric and is made by skilled furniture craftsmen in Okayama.

When viewed from the side, the angle is at L o'clock, making it stable and smooth to stand on. The seat is also wide and tall, making it comfortable to sit on as if reclining.

The parts can be divided into small pieces and stored in the pocket on the backrest.

The material used is oak, which is also used for high quality furniture.

The price is reasonable despite the high quality of the oak and the unique design.

Size L:32cm H:73cm W:80cm

When stowed L:60cm H:83cm W:80m

The logo design on the tag will gradually change to the design in the last photo.

Paraffin processing is a process of waxing the fabric to make it water repellent.

When you first start using the product, you may notice a distinctive paraffin smell.

The smell will fade as you use it.

It has a slight water-repellent effect, so please be careful when washing, as it is difficult for water to pass through.

Paraffin treatment will leave white marks on the fabric due to rubbing, folding, wrinkles, stains and scratches.

The white marks are caused by rubbing and creasing the fabric, as well as stains and scratches from use.

We hope you will enjoy using it as one of the flavors because it is a process to enjoy the color change over time just like the fading of denim.


There is a slight difference in the size notation.

The color of the actual product may differ from the color on the display depending on the device you are using.

International shipping is not possible.





【国内】¥11,000以上の購入で送料無料 ※北海道・沖縄など 一部地域を除く