SL0818 Calf pen

SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen SL0818 Calf pen



NO. SL818 

ITEM : calf pen


SIZE : L 15.5 ㎝ × W 2 ㎝

COLOR : Blue / Green / Pink / Gray / Black

MATERIAL : Calf leather


The pen cover is carefully made of calfskin.
We paid close attention to finishing details, such as hand-polishing of the edge of the cover.
Therefore, it feels good in the hand, and the more you use it, the more familiar it becomes.

Feel the texture of the calfskin.
A Bic ballpoint pen is included inside.

[ About Leather ]

Tanner : HAAS, a tannery established in 1842, located in Alsace, France.

Country of origin : France

Leather : Stamped calfskin

The stamping, known as Veau Epsom, is a world-famous embossed pattern.

Calfskin is the youngest of all cowhides, about six months old, and is a highly prized leather.

It is a top quality material with a thin, fine fiber structure, a very beautiful silver surface, and a pleasant feel to the touch.


The leather we use is natural leather.

We do not use leather with scratches that could lead to tears or rips.

However, wrinkles and small scratches on the leather are used in our products as a characteristic of the material.

There are individual differences in color, thickness, and texture even in the same leather.

The color of this item may be migrated to other clothes etc. (especially white one) by friction (especially when wet) or when getting wet by rain etc. Please be careful.

TSL brass products are made of solid brass.

The characteristic of brass material is that it has areas of dull color.

It will become even duller with use, please enjoy it as a taste of aging.

If you want to make it shiny and bright, polish it with a silver cloth. Please try it on an inconspicuous spot.

There is a slight difference in the size description.

The color of the actual product may differ from the color on the display depending on the device you are using.





Calf leather


  • ・使用している革は天然皮革です。 破れや裂けに繋がる傷は使用していませんが、もともと革にある傷やしわは素材の特徴として商品に使用しています。 また、同じ革でも色味や厚み、風合いに個体差がございます。 
  • ・水濡れによるシミ、色移りにご注意ください。 
  • ・真鍮素材の特性上、製作の過程でくすんでいる箇所がございます。 
  • ・真鍮無垢材を使用していますので、使用するうちにくすみが生じます。経年変化による味としてお楽しみください。 
  • ・真鍮部分のくすみを取りたい場合は、シルバークロスをお使い下さい。その際は一度目立たない部分でお試し下さい。 
  • ・サイズ表記には若干の差異がございます。 ・お使いの機器によりディスプレイ上の色味と実際の商品の色味が異なることがございます。
【国内】¥11,000以上の購入で送料無料 ※北海道・沖縄など 一部地域を除く