I could see it when I stopped


Since launching THE SUPERIOR LABOR in 2007

Twice a year exhibition, participation in domestic and overseas events, planning and designing new products and making samples. For mass production work, we have pushed forward without staying like tuna.

In 2012, he moved to the mountains and slowed down a little, but he kept looking outside and never saw his feet.

In April 2020, a state of emergency stopped TSL tuna.

When I stopped, I could see various things. I can't go out, so I think of a way to avoid going out.

It's a time when you can't expect big profits, so it's a reliable job, waste is reduced, and profits are generated.

I had some time, so I worked with the staff to improve the site. Looking at the environment, we began to see more important things. There seems to be a mountain of things to think about, but I think I could see the exit.