T.S.L Kurashiki


THE SUPERIORLABOR will open a directly managed store "T.S.L Kurashiki" in the Kurashiki Bikan Area on March 20, 2022.

The Kurashiki Bikan Area is a district for the preservation of traditional buildings and scenery, and T.S.L Kurashiki is also an old wooden two-story house. (In the Genjuro Hayashi Store).

The first floor is the TSL Store

On the second floor, stationery, used records, etc., with a focus on TRAVELER'S notebook products.

The TSL Store will serve as a base to connect our identity with Japanese culture, and also to connect partner stores and napvillage in each region.

There are many motivations, reasons, and meanings behind this project, but I'll leave the difficult details aside for now.

We look forward to seeing you all from March 20th.




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