Shop in shop


We used to run a restaurant using local vegetables, wild boar meat, and other mountain bounty, and then it was converted to a TSL restaurant, and we thought it was a waste of the kitchen we had built.

This year marks 10 years since we moved here. We are planning to repair and maintain the damaged parts here and there, and to let customers enjoy the premises more than ever.

We are also planning to build a guest house on the adjacent vacant lot.

The guesthouse will not only be a place to stay, but also a rental space that can be used by various people in various ways, and will be a community space open to local residents.

In fact, nap village won the Good Design Award as a commercial complex in 2013, but by operating a guesthouse, it will evolve into a facility that adds elements of travel and tourism.

Therefore, we are looking for a shop in shop to welcome our customers together.

The TSL STORE will continue to operate, so if you are interested in sharing the same building and working together to make it a more exciting place, or if you are sympathetic to the efforts of nap village, please apply.

The kitchen has a refrigerator that is in bad shape, but it is equipped with a gas oven, gas stove, ice maker, steam convection, and air conditioner.

The kitchen is equipped with a gas oven, gas stove, ice maker, steam convection, air conditioner, etc. A coffee shop, cake shop, etc. can be opened immediately.