Dogs in My Memories


The dog with the sage expression is called "Blue.

He is a representative of nap, inc.

He is also the model for the "Blue Boy Workers" label.

It can be said that nap started with this dog.

In his later years, his ears got worse and he became dour.

In his younger years, he was always in a good mood and walked rhythmically with his tail up.

I walked with him to work, and on the way home, there were a few bars where Blue was allowed.

By the way, he had the most fragrant paw scent out of the three, almost like freshly baked cookies.

Her name is Luna, and she is a beautiful dog.

She was a little nervous and had an unusual personality, but she was loyal to her family. Most importantly, she was easy to shampoo.

Luna was very smart and had a great sense of humor, and her paw pads were fragrant.

Luna was quick-witted and could understand many words.

Beech, the youngest.

He was a very calm dog and the easiest to keep.

He was not very active, but if he had treats, he would do well in agility competitions.

He is kind to all living things.

If all humans were Beech, the world would be a peaceful and happy place.

Paw prints are normal.

The three dogs are now sleeping under this corner of the schoolyard.

Strangely enough, I can still clearly remember the smell and feel of their fur.




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