In the mid-1990s, I worked for a second-hand clothing wholesale company and went to the United States to purchase.
Mobile phones are not widespread, and of course they are not in a situation where they can be used overseas. An era without the internet and car navigation systems. Write the information you searched for in Japan and the address you searched for in the local phone book on a map, and run around with the Chevrolet Astro. It rained a few meters away, and hail fell so much that the windshield broke. The wind that the large car rolls over also blew. I also saw a red rock that stretched to the horizon.

Anyway, I felt that the scale was big. Also, I was always lonely because I didn't make frequent contacts with Japan (international calls), but on the other hand, I felt vague expectations and freedom that "something might happen".

Around this time, I think I learned to "think, act, and move forward." This was a very thankful experience. And that was certainly when I was in line at Albuquerque Airport in New Mexico, I met a Japanese uncle. The uncle who came to purchase materials from Japan is a leather craftsman in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Fukuyama City is a prefectural border with Okayama Prefecture. I never met my neighbor in such a remote place.

Later, my uncle took care of me in various ways.
Encounters that lead to your current job and stories that are conscious of "FREEDOM".




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