2 minutes repeat


Five years ago, he had his first child at the age of 43.
I had various delusions about life with a child born before giving birth.
One problem is that it is an athletic meet with parents participating.

Rivals are fathers in their 20s and 30s, "How will the 43-year-old fight?"
I needed to get fit, I had to lose weight before that. At that time, he weighed 92 kilograms.
There are various options such as running, swimming, gym, but I feel that I can cut corners on my own.
So I thought about "boxing".

I don't think I can cut corners because I have a partner, and training seems to be difficult.
I immediately contacted the gym in the city and visited it, and started the next day. Jim runs in 2 minutes per round, just do your best for 2 minutes. Then, when I started, I learned about the depth and sportiness of boxing and became absorbed in it. I sparred a lot with trainers in their 20s, professionals and young people aiming for inter-school athletic meet. I was beaten until I had a nosebleed, but I didn't have any strange feelings toward the other person, so I focused on what I was missing and practiced again.

I was told by an acquaintance who is doing kickboxing before.
"If you get the chance, sparring. Get punches and give them."
While receiving and giving, we will grow together without resenting the other party.
Jim's chairman will praise him anyway. I think I can grow as a person through boxing.
Boxing today is a healthy sport that can be played at any time, regardless of age or gender.
If you are interested, please try it.
By the way, it is currently reduced by 20 kg.




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