Gardening in Satoyama


I rented a rice field to start growing rice.

Since we would be using natural farming methods, we looked for a rice field that met our requirements in terms of the surrounding environment and water.

We were able to rent a terraced paddy field that is not in use at the moment.

Just below the terraced paddy field, makomono mushrooms are being grown. Beyond the terraced paddy fields, the rice plants were beginning to grow ears.

This area in the mountains is very well kept.

This is the borderline between people and animals, and although the animals seem to be overwhelmed, they coexist.

The landscape of the rice paddies in this satoyama changes as they grow.

When I saw this scenery, I thought.

Rice cultivation is usually considered agriculture, but isn't this a big form of gardening?

Naturally, there is the goal of producing food, but I felt that participating in the creation of this landscape was more attractive and valuable than that.

Enjoying the appearance of a single plant from season to season.

I can't wait to eat lunch here in between working in the rice paddies.

What is Satoyama?
Satoyama is a natural environment that has been created over a long period of time by people in close contact with nature. It is an area with a variety of natural environments such as farmland, reservoirs, woodlands, and grasslands. As a result, satoyama has a great diversity of life.