In the late 1990s, when he became independent from a used clothing wholesale company and set up a small leather workshop in his hometown.
At that time, the economy was still good, and I had some time to spare.
Let's put in staff here! For some reason, I decided to keep a dog!
And to choose a dog. I used to go trekking at that time, so let's make it a companion to go to the mountains together.

It must be faithful. With such an image, I went to a dog training center with my acquaintance.
What I saw there was a German shepherd, who was strong and loyal only to hard workers and owners.
I asked this training center to look for puppies and went to a large pet store to research pet supplies.

It was a large store with puppies lined up in separate glass showcases on the top and bottom.
During the daytime on weekdays, two housewives talk to the staff and hug their favorite puppies in order. The moment I realized from the story that it seemed to come well, I was "irritated".
At the other end of the housewives was a rare kind of dog called "Bassset Hound". The skin is dull, the limbs are short, and the ears are long enough to touch the ground. I've seen it on TV and in movies, but the real thing was just shocking and the expression was "why!" Who did it.
While being nailed to the presence of the Basset Hound, the housewives conquered the puppies one after another and came to the next Golden Retriever!

I broke into the housewife who said, "Can you give me this golden?"
"Please Basset Hound."
This is the story of the birth of his later partner "Blue".




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