Oh, summer! Please don't go.


This year, I have been paying a lot of attention to the map of Japan.

It's a map that shows the weather forecast for torrential rains and the number of covid-19 cases in each region.

Life has been full of worries, but it looks like the weather will recover soon.

On such a weekend, I enjoyed Nagashi Somen with my children as a way to regret the short, soon to be gone summer.

What is Somen?
Somen is a Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. It is very thin.
Since it is mainly distributed as dried noodles, it can be eaten all year round, but since it is often eaten cold, it is a typical summer food.

What is Nagashi Somen?
A bite-sized piece of somen is poured into a channel made of bamboo. It is then scooped up with chopsticks and eaten. (If both chopsticks and bowl are made of bamboo, it creates a nice atmosphere.
By pouring the noodles into the water, you can feel more cool and refreshing even in the hot and humid Japanese summer.
This is my favorite part of Japanese culture.