good day for washing


People sometimes ask me about how to wash canvas bags.

Today is a good day for washing, so let's wash the engineer bag.

If you wash the whole bag, the color of the leather will be transferred to the canvas, so use a brush to wash it partially.

If the leather parts are wet, use a wet rag or sponge to wet the entire leather. (This prevents partial wet spots.)




This is before washing. 



After washing.


As for the wet leather parts, apply a good amount of animal oil to them before they are almost completely dry (the edges are still a little wet) as shown in the picture above. (The edges are still a little wet.) Applying an appropriate amount of animal oil will prevent the leather from hardening after drying.

If you wash the whole bag, the color of the leather may change, the fabric may lose its elasticity, and it may lose its shape.

Partial washing with a brush is recommended.





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