Products that Japan is proud of


I like Japanese small trucks (Kei Tora).

I like light trucks because they are easy to maneuver, can carry a lot of cargo, and are durable.

I think these are the general evaluation of Kei Tora.

Light driving, cramped interior, and engine noise.

To me, the Kei Tora is the equivalent of a sports car.

And the most notable thing is its cramped interior.

Everything is within reach, you can concentrate on driving, and it's just so relaxing.

It's a great space to think. Reading is also good.

This is the same level of calmness as a toilet.

If the seat of the Kei Tora were a toilet seat, I would feel like I could drive anywhere, and I could even 、、、、 while looking at the wonderful scenery.

This is a product that Japan is proud of.

It is a valuable thing that goes beyond the concept of a vehicle.