Traveling and Cameras


I haven't been able to travel abroad for over a year now.

So I'm loving my trip to the Setouchi area these days.

The top image is a snapshot I took with my Hasselblad 500CM. It was taken when my eldest daughter and I went to Naoshima." Analog film cameras."

There are many types of film cameras, but my preference is for mechanical cameras that don't use batteries.

I always take two cameras with me when I travel.

One is this Hasselblad.

It is a medium format film camera made in Sweden, and its most obvious feature is that it produces 6x6 "square" photos.

The other is the nikon F.

The nikon F was the first single-lens reflex camera released by Nikon in 1959. Mine was made in 1966. This camera has a very thin and small old lens on it. It is very simple, with a triangular roof and square corners, so it is easy to put in a bag.

It is a very simple camera that is easy to put in a bag, and it is reliable and sturdy, and I think it is as loyal as a Japanese dog.

TSL makes camera bags and camera straps.

It's a long story, so I won't explain it here, but they are made based on the idea of "I want something like this" from my travel experiences.

They are also available in our online store, so please check them out.

And if you are interested in film cameras after reading this article, please get one and try it out. You will see a different world behind the viewfinder.




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