"shooting game"


In the past, we've had a world beer shop, a wine and snack shop, a popcorn shop, a shaved ice shop, and various other stalls in addition to our main business.

There is one thing that I have been working on for about two years now.

It's a "shooting game".

I kept it in the back of my mind because I thought it would be too costly and time-consuming, and I didn't think my wife and staff would understand it as a fun project.

My little dream has now started to move forward with the understanding and cooperation of other brands.

For the camping event to be held in October.

I've been working on it for a while, so I already have a plan.

Now we just need to give shape to the image. With the help of various people, I will continue to create a world of self-fulfillment.

We will create a "shooting gallery" that both adults and children can enjoy, and that has a message and is useful to society.

Yes, this is now a social business.

I want you to experience a new form of social contribution linked to a shooting gallery.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to build a magnificent facility.

This was a story about a small dream that was exaggerated.




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