What's a partner store?


THE SUPERIOR LABOR has a group of friends called Partner Shops.

These are stores that have a corner where TSL products are professionally displayed and sold.

It can be an actual store or an online store, but in any case, it is sold by staff who love TSL products.

Each store has its own unique features and products that it carries.

For more information on each of them, please check out our "Stores" page.

And the best part is that they are all good places.

I want all TSL fans to have a journey connected with TSL.

You can find special order items at each store, eat delicious food, see the ocean, see the mountains, and so on.

TSL makes bags, pouches, wallets, and other tools to carry something and move around.

I hope you all will take TSL with you on your journey to visit our partner stores.

Right now, it is a map of Japan, but I secretly fantasize about changing it to a world map someday.