I start to play the guitar.


My younger daughter, who is four years old, has been practicing the piano every morning and evening.

The results of her efforts appear day by day, and I am impressed by her efforts one step at a time.

I am always watching her from my chair.

I thought to myself, "If I use this time effectively, I will be able to grow even more. I thought.

With COVID-19, I have more time to spend at home and with my family, and now that I am older, it is time for me to make a longer effort. I thought.

In fact, I bought a guitar twice when I was younger.

Once, I spent a lot of money on a good guitar, thinking that if I bought a good guitar, I would practice without a choice.

This time, however, the theme was "to keep going.

I decided to buy a guitar that was not so much for its looks or sense of ownership, but for its quality.

Will this new hobby turn out to be a lifelong one! Look forward to it!




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