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nap converted primary school buiding to the factory.
School was built in 1949 but closed in 1990s.



Here is bellybutton of Okayama prefecture. In highland surrounded by woods, birds and many small creatures – the nature inspires our design and our proudly quality hand made is polished by refreshing air.


山の分校からnap villageへ
From mountain branch school to Nap Village






Ex Enjo primary school, Kamogawa branch

This branch school was opened in 1947, just after the World War 2 to provide education to the children of settlements pioneers. The factory we work now was built in August 1949. * Completion of framework photo

It was period of confusion and poverty – the building was very simple with tightened logs, thatched roof and earth floor. The school has educated more than 170 local children in over 44years but ended its history in 1991 by merging with Enjo main primary school. The building was since been in use for local gathering so it was in considerably good condition before we took over.

We still have old cherry blossom, maple and gingko trees in our ground. Many staffs enjoying spending lunch time there.


2 years after we met this place, we moved here



はじめて校舎に入った日、壁にあった”開拓魂”の文字にこころを揺さぶられた事を思い出す。まさに ”郷に入れば郷に従え”


現在、カフェとして営業していた店舗は、THE SUPERIORLABORの旗艦店「T.S.L STORE & LAB」 として生産拠点にある直営店ならではの発信とサービスを行う。このような人気のない場所にありながら、ここには多くの人が訪れ良き出会いがある。今では「T.S.L STORE & LAB」には、欧米・アジアから旅行者が訪れている。

または、それが時流だったのかも。。。ともかく、一度nap villageにきて欲しい。

Superior Labor was gradually expanding domestic business when we first received an international offer – around time we moved into the woods. Big expectation and big anxiety – we were in mixture of feelings when started our first international deal. Especially when it was with such a big international firm like J.Crew. The pioneers who came here in 1947 were always in my mind when we started our life here.

When first entered this school building I was welcomed by the phrase written in the classroom – “Pioneer spirit”. I was shaken. Yes. This is what I was looking for.

We built our house, turned classrooms into leather atelier. Also built an annex in back, a sawing factory with staff dormitory upstairs. We opened a cafe which served dishes cooked with local wild boars and vegetables. We wanted to shut out too much information you can never avoid in urban city life but instead desired originality, ingenuity and experience.
*There was no mobile phone reception when we moved here. We have it now, but not a stable reception.

Time has passed. Now the cafe building is converted into our flag shop “T.S.L. STORE &LAB”. The shop sits in the woods, in middle of our production base and inspiring many foreign customers from Europe, US and Asia.

Our investment could had been opposing to mainstream. Retrograding to current, economy and efficiency emphasized world….. but feel that it might be fruiting now. We would like you to come and visit us in Nap village once.

* Nap village received good design award as unique complex of production, living and sales
in 2013.


This place, dotted with buildings in the woods is now called Nap village

・Sewing factory
Back of school building, with many sewing machines. Products are shipped to the world from here. Storage and staff dormitory upstairs.

・Leather atelier/office
Two ex.classrooms are now leather atelier (where bags are assembled) and cutting shop. Ex. Teachers’ room is the office.

・Small ground
Favored lunch spot for many staffs. Good size for catch ball! Sample sales and some events are held here.

板張りの屋根と煙突が目印。THE SUPERIOR LABOR の直営店舗 “T.S.L STORE & LAB” 
With planking roof and chimney. Directly managed store THE SUPERIOR LABOR, ‘T.S.L. STORE & LAB”.

オーナー家族の”楽しい我が家”道路沿いのここでは、ゴールデンレトリーバーの”フーバー” と、ブリタニースパニエルの”ピナ” が吠えて来客を知らせる。 
Beautiful my home of the owner family. Along the road house where Huber (golden retriever) and Pina (brittany spaniel) welcome the visitors with cute bark!

nap village 周辺
Around nap village


吉田牧場【Yoshida farm】
They start cheese making from cattle bleeding. Made with land here, very unique taste of the area. Their cheese taste differently as seasons go by – the taste of seasonal blessings and grace of land.

本宮山【Mt. Hongu】 napvillage近くに、「山の神峠」という場所がある。以前ここにあった祠「山神宮やまじんぐう」と、「海神社かいじんじゃ」「竜王社」の三社が本宮山山頂に祭られている。山神宮は、化氣神社とも深い関わりがあり、地域の人々にとって特別な意味を持つ山である。
There is a pass called “Mountain god’s pass” near Nap village. There used be three shrines here, “Yamajingu”, “Kaijinja” and “Ryuo-sha” which are now moved to top of Mt. Hongu. “Yamajingu” has deep relation with Kegi shrine and has spiritual importance to the local

化氣神社【Kegi Shrine】 養老年中(717年ー723年)ころ創建された、napvillageのある地域の氏社。杉林に囲まれた社は山の神の存在を意識する、そんな空気を持つ。初詣はここへ行く。
Local shrine built around 717-723. Surrounded with ceder trees, it has atmosphere of. Mountain god. We come here every new year.

アストロコテージ ガリレオ【Galileo】 napvillageから徒歩で行ける距離にある町営の宿泊可能な天体観測施設。天体望遠鏡がついた一戸建てをグループなどで利用できる。空気の澄んだ冬場、地面に寝転んで眺める星空はとても美しい。
Town managed astronomical observation facility. Walking distance from Nap village. You can hire the building. Star observation in cold winter air is beautiful.