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This is a one-of-a-kind sample item.
It is not a used item, but there is a slight feeling of use and burn.
We do not accept returns or exchanges.

It is a ring type notebook cover that can hold bible size refills.

The belt type clasp, the atmosphere of the notebook cover, and the fact that it will be carried around and used every day all go well with the scratch leather, making it a finish that can be enjoyed with use.

4 card pockets

3 free pockets

Pen holder x 1

It is made of Italian leather by [Virgilio Conceria Artigiana].

It is made of Italian leather with a beautiful vivid color and an attractive matte texture from scratch processing.

The more you use it, the more the fluff gets accustomed to it, and the darker and shinier the color becomes, the more you can enjoy the change over time as if it were a different leather.

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cow leather


The leather we use is natural leather. We do not use scratches that can lead to tears or rips, but we do use scratches and wrinkles that are originally on the leather as a characteristic of the material in our products. In addition, there are individual differences in the color, thickness and texture of the same leather.
Please be careful of stains and color transfer due to water damage.
Please note that due to the characteristics of brass material, some parts may be dulled during the production process.
Since the product is made of solid brass, it will become dull as it is used. Please enjoy it as a taste of aging.
There is a slight difference in size notation.
Sizing may vary slightly.
Depending on the device you are using, the color of the actual product may differ from the color on the display.




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